QuestBlue Systems developed a no cost PBX interface with the help of our engineers and most importantly our customers! Over years of customers requesting features that are unavailable in many of the open source PBX systems or having to spending money to include a few features to enhance their phone system we decided to create our QuBe PBX to bring all of the features you have wanted but for FREE.

QuBe PBX was developed to bring to our customers the ease of creating phone systems and deploying them to real time working systems. This page was designed to improve our customers ability to learn and understand phone systems, and while it is still under development our programming team is in house and ready to assist you with any questions you may not find here!

The QuBe PBX Modules listed below are the FREE available modules when you download our FREE QuBe PBX!


ā€‹Click on each module to view documentation on the system usage and a video clip on how to use each module. Click each module to view written documentation and video visual instruction!