QuestBlue Systems created QuBe PBX as a no cost PBX interface for our customers! QuBe PBX came from the idea of our customers always searching for the best option for their phone system -- of course QuestBlue had to deliver.

QuBe PBX is all the best features bundled in an all in one PBX at NO COST to you. 

For our customers to get the best of everything we could offer we created qubepbx.com to introduce you to the QuBe PBX and to show you step by step instruction on how to use the modules -- but why just give our customers step by step written instruction when we can also deliver videos? So of course we added walk through video tutorials to QuBePBX.com! 

​We pride ourselves in delivering quality and satisfaction. Below is a walk through video on how to register for an account for QuestBlue Systems.